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Mailing Solutions

The term "bulk mail" refers to larger quantities of mail prepared for mailing at reduced postage. The term "bulk mail" means commercial Mails and advertising mails.

Bulk prices are lower than "single-piece". "Single-piece" means that you pay the full postage price (i.e., when you put a stamp on a letter, you're paying the single-piece postage). Many mailers pay single-piece postage even though they are doing large mailings. Why? Because they don't want to do any extra preparation work-they don't have the time, or it's just not cost effective for their business.

Bulk mail is another way to save money on postage. Most advertising mail, newsletters, etc. are sent via Bulk Mail. This class is an inexpensive way to mail a group of identical pieces.

Each mailing at Bulk Mail prices must have at least 200 pieces. You can personalize them with unique names and addresses, but for the most part, the pieces need to be identical. You can also send invoices, statements, or other individualized information using Bulk Mail. Handling your own bulk mailing, requires time, energy; plus the obtaining and maintaining of a bulk mail permit. Let Saraswati Mailing Solutions take the work out of your hands on your next bulk mail project. You just pay for printing and postage, and we cover you on the permit, zip code sorting, and on-time mailing.

Direct mail tip: Sales or marketing campaigns that use mail as a key element typically average 30% higher response rates and these responses are received 40% faster!

Speed Post


National / International Network

Speed Post has over 163 National Speed Post Centres and 850 State Speed Post Centres all over india. It also links 97 major countries around the globe.

Track & Trace Facility

Any article can be tracked by logging on to www.indiapost.gov.in

Wide Scope

We provide both documents as well as merchandise service. Money transfer is also available through Speed post in India.

Low Domestic Tariff
Weight Local Up to
200 km.
201 to
1000 km.
1001 to
2000 km.
Above 2000 km
Upto 50 grams Rs. 12 Rs. 25* Rs. 25* Rs. 25* Rs. 25*
51 to 200 grams Rs. 20 Rs. 25 Rs. 30 Rs. 50 Rs. 60
201 to 500 grams Rs. 20 Rs. 40 Rs. 45 Rs. 70 Rs. 80
Additional 500 grams or part thereof Rs. 5 Rs. 7.50 Rs. 15 Rs. 30 Rs. 40

*include service tax & education cess

Lowest International Tariff
EMS Rates(Rs.)
    Documents Merchandise
Zone 1st 250 grams Additional
250 gms
1st 250 gms Additional
250 gms
1 Asia 425 50 475 50
2 Africa 425 50 475 50
3 Middle East 425 50 475 50
4 Australia 425 75 475 75
5 Europe 675 75 725 75
6 South America 525 100 575 100
7 North America 425 100 475 100
8 Sri Lanka 375 25 425 25
8 Bangladesh 375 25 425 25
8 Pakistan 375 25 425 25
8 Maldives 375 25 425 25
8 Nepal 375 25 425 25

Bulk Mailing


Too much mail to send? Relax, all your pre-mailing worries for bulk mail are now over. We offer you the perfect solution - BUSINESS POST. A special facility for undertaking all your franking, gumming, inserting activities and direct despatch of prepared bags to destinations.

We Undertake at Reasonable Cost
  • Inserting and gumming of the envelopes
  • Addressing / address pasting of envelopes
  • Franking of envelopes
  • Special sorting and despatch of the articles
You can use Bulk Business Post for all your mass mailing needs
  • Monthly Bills
  • Regular Mailers
  • Corporate Reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Dividend Warrants
  • Share Certificates
  • Banking Instruments - Like cheques, monthly statements

Registered Letter


Registered letter is addressee specific and widely available. It has free air transmission. Enclosure are allowed with it. It has secure handling and accountability also. Acknowledgement facility is available if needed. Registered letters have legal status and registration fee Rs. 17/-



Letters are having high confidentiality. Enclosures are allowed with it. It has free air transmission and wide availability. Its price is reasonable i.e. Rs. 5/- upto 20 gms.

Book Post


Bookpost has reasonable price and wide availability. In case of Bookpost flap should be kept open. It costs Rs. 4/- upto 50 gms. Invitation, wedding cards can be sent through Book Post.

Post Card


Post Card is the cheaper mode of communication. It has free air transmission. It costs Rs. .50 per card. Post card of private manufacturer is transmitted by Post as postcard provided that the postage is prepaid in full and that their dimensions are not greater than 15cm×10.5cm or less than 10 cm × 7 cm

Inland Letter Card


A letter card means a sheet paper of the kind ordinarily used for letter writing suitably folder and gummed. It has reasonable price. No enclosures are allowed with it. It has wide publicity and free air transmission. It costs Rs. 2.50 per card. Privately printed letter cards are permitted provided that the weight of the letter card should not exceed 4 gms., that it should bear outside at the top left hand corner on the address side the words "Inland Letter Card" and that the dimensions of the letter card should be within following limits.

Unfolded Max. 30 cm × 21 cms
Min. 20 cm
× 14 cms
Flaps Not exceeding 2.5 cm × 12.5 cm on one side and 1.5 cm × 7.5 cm on the other.
Folded Max. 15 cm × 10.5 cms
Min 10 cm ×

Business Reply Services


A person who wishes to obtain a reply from his client without putting him to the expenditure of paying the postage charges may attach or enclose with his communication an addressed reply card / envelopes. Such a card / envelope can be posted by the client in the ordinary manner but without any stamp. The usual postage charges will be collected from the addressee. The person desirous of availing this facility should take out a permit from the Head of the Division. Applications alongwith complete printed proofs of card / envelope should be forwarded to Postmaster of the office to which the Business reply correspondence is to be returned. The fee for the permit shall be paid in advance at following rates :

Fees for permit for Business Reply Card / Envelope :

If applied during. The license is valid till following 31st March from the date of issue.

1st April to 30th June Rs. 200/-
1st July to 3th September Rs. 150/-
1st Oct to 31st December Rs. 100/-
1st Jan to 31st Marchs Rs. 50/-

Handling charges for envelopes in addition to Postage per article - Rs. 1

Bill Mail Services

  • Bill mail service means the communication in the nature of a financial statement, bill, monthly account bill or other such item of similar nature posted by a service provider to a customers at least once in 90 days but does not include a communication in the nature of letter mail or having the character of a personal communication or exclusively commercial publicity items.
  • Bill mail service shall be received for posting at identified location(s) provided by India Post under Bill Mail Service.
  • Bill mail service shall be delivered within a circumscribed area like one city or one district.
  • Posting of Bill mail shall not be less than 5,000 pieces at a time.
  • Bill mail shall be received at the receiving office sorted pincode-wise and bundled delivery office-wise.
  • "City" includes twin cities or urban agglomeration.
Rates of postage shall be chargeable on Bill Mail Service as under.
For a weight not exceeding 50 gms Rs. 3.00
For every 50 gms or a fraction thereof exceeding 20 gms R. 2.00

National Bill Mail Services

In addition to Bill Mail service features following are additional features of National Bill Mail service :

  • National bill service will accept bills/financial statements or other such items of similar nature fulfilling the conditions for Bill Mail Service, fully prepaid with postage as applicable for Bill Mail service at identified post office / Business post centres etc. for delivery within a circumscribed area like one city or one district anywhere in the country. Bills can be received for delivery in multiple destinations.
  • National bill mail service will be received, pre-sorted PIN code wise an pre-bundled delivery post office wise in respect of each destination. Each article will be pre-paid and should contain the superscription "Bill Mail Service".
  • PIN code wise sorted and bundled Bill Mail Service article, as above will be packaged destination wise by the sender / mailer or by the Business Post Centre (in which case this will be done on a suitable extra charge). Each such package will contain only the Bill mail article meant for delivery in one city or one district. There can be more than one package for a destination.
  • Eack packet should not exceed the maximum weight limit prescribed eg. for dispatch as Speed Post / EPP, the maximum weight limit per packet is 35 kgs.
  • The securely closed package (s) for delivery in another station will be dispatched to the destination station as EPP / Speed Post / Registered Parcel etc. depending upon the choice of the customer.
Rates of postage shall be chargeable on Bill Mail Service as under.
For a weight not exceeding 50 gms Rs. 3.00
For every 50 gms or a fraction thereof exceeding 20 gms R. 2.00

Direct Post

  • Direct Post would comprise of un-addressed mail articles like letter, cards, brochure, questionnaires, pamphlets, samples, promotional items like CDs/floppies and cassette etc.
  • Article posted as Direct Post will bear no address or name on the communication. These will be accepted in bulk in designated office and will not be posted in a letter box.
  • A minimum quantity of 1000 pieces would be accepted under the Direct Post.
  • Articles to be accepted would be such that they do not exceed the length and width of an A3 size paper.
  • Any person or organization could use the service.
  • The senders of Direct Post will specify the numbers and areas in which the sender wishes Direct post article to be distributed.
  • Direct Post articles would be accepted stamped / franked and bundles pin-code wise.
  • In case the sender desires the articles to be printed or requires any other pre-mailing activity under the business post, this could also be provided by us.
The price for the Direct Post articles would be as follows :
  Per article for 1st 20gms Per article for ever additional 20 gms or part thereof
  Local Inner City  
Price for 1 Direct Post article Rs. 1.50 Rs. 2.00 Rs. 1.00 for both local and inter-city article

*Where Direct Post articles are tendered in quantities of over 50000, a discount / commission of 5% would be admissible.

Express Parcel Post

If your consignments are not too time sensitive, we offer you one more convenient solution to your delivery needs. A contractual service that assures express and guaranteed delivery of your parcels upto 35 kgs. through surface transport.


Though the maximum weight limit is 35 kgs., we can provide a higher limit in special circumstances.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If the delivery norms are not met, charges will be refunded. In case of loss or damage. the compensation is limited to Rs. 500 or actual value of parcel lost / damaged, whichever is less. If it is insured, full insured amount is payable.


Based on the distance and weight of the parcels, the rates structure is as follows :

The price for the Direct Post articles would be as follows :
Weight Local Up to
500 km.
501 to
1000 km.
1001 to
2000 km.
Above 2000 km
Upto 2 kgs Rs. 25/- per kg Rs. 40 per kg Rs. 50 per kg Rs. 60 per kg Rs. 80 per kg
For every additional 3 kgs to 10 kgs Rs. 3 Rs. 5 Rs. 10 Rs. 20 Rs. 25
For every additional kg beyond 10 kg Rs. 2 Rs. 4 Rs. 8 Rs. 15 Rs. 20

Minimum tariff rates for booking EPP shall be for 2 kgs.


1 Post Card Rs. 0.50
2 Competition Post Card Rs. 10.00
3 Meghdoot Postcard Rs. 0.25
4 Letter Card Rs. 2.50
5 Book Post
For firt 50 gms or fraction thereof
For every additional 50 gms or fraction thereof
Rs. 4.00
Rs. 3.00
6 Letter (Max. 2 kg.)
Upto 20 gms
For every additional 20 gms or part thereof
Rs. 5.00
Rs. 5.00
7 Registration Fee
Acknowledgement Fee
Rs. 17.00
Rs. 3.00
8 Insurance
Cash upto Rs. 2000 value of article upto
Rs. 1 lakh
Fees : Upto Rs. 200
Every additional Rs. 100 or part
Rs. 10.00
Rs. 6.00
9 Value payable posting fee
Value upto Rs. 20/-
Value above Rs. 20/- but upto Rs. 50/-
Value above Rs. 50 but upto Rs. 5000/-
Rs. 2.00
Rs. 3.00
Rs. 5.00